A summary of the services offered by Dalebo Consulting. For more information, please send an enquiry.

Rapid advances in new technology and changes in customer expectations now make it more challenging than ever in the digital era for businesses to transform in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Mobile Apps

Mobile platforms, applications and customer experience is now a critical requirement. Creating compelling mobile applications can provide enhanced interactions with your customers.

Social Media

The pervasive nature of Social Media means that customers now interact and discuss your brand outside of your control. There are fantastic opportunities to use this channel to your advantage at minimal resource cost. Having a defined Social Media strategy is vitally important including how to leverage Social Media for brand marketing, awareness, lead generation, marketing campaigns and customer service.

Websites & SEO

The key component to any good website is the experience, mobile device usability and fresh content. Creating modern content, ideation, responsive website design, campaign and promotion landing sites, are areas that can be provided. Sites complete with full website analytics, SEO and social media branding.

Web Content Management

With many opinion sites, and the ability for consumers to easily find negative content via search engines, your brand is constantly under threat. Handling negative opinions and possibly removing them from sites, save your business from unwanted negative publicity. Competitors can spread negative press about your business anonymously, as well as fake websites placing and copying your content or photos without your permission.

User Experience

User experience empowered by Gamification is an initiative to improve user engagement which can help to improve productivity and user adoption. But doing it correctly and longevity requires detailed planning and an engagement strategy. It is important to orchestrate and plan improvements correctly to obtain ROI in gamified applications.

Customer Experience & CRM

Which customer experience platform is right for you? how do you plan to leverage CRM solutions with the latest transformations in the digital world?

Rapid Startup Development

Got a kick ass top secret idea? need help to bring it to life and quickly?… if you’re idea incorporates flavours of the above, you’ll want to prototype quickly, create your MVP, business plan and cross-channel marketing strategy – quickly…